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An two side Report about the LIMA on Langkawi / Malaysia in 2009 - Click on the Magazin for an preview!

Aeronautika / Croatia

An two side Report about the A. B. Wonpat Airport on Guam/USA. Text and Photos by airshow-party.de Team

Cockpit Nr.6 Juni 2009

Report about our Tour to the Nyutabaru AFB & Guam Island.

Wittlager Kreisblatt 2009 >>> PDF-File


The last flying YS-11 landing at the Nyutabaru AFB (Japan). Published in the MAR/APR 2009 luftfahrt JOURNAL / „Interessengemeinschaft für allgemeinen Luftverkehr“ COINCAT e. V.


World Airshow News March/April 2009. Photos and an Report about the Nyutabaru(Japan) Airshow in December 2008. www.airshowmag.com

Scramble No. 358 Page 96 & last page


Some Photos from Jens flight with D-GASA published in the 02-2008 of the Modell - "Fachzeitschrift für den funkgesteuerten Modellflug"/ Neckar Verlag.

Photos from our Team in the "Wittlager Kreisblatt" 6. May 2008.


Scramble - Dutch Aviation Society / January 2008 / Page 86



Some Photos from the Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2007 are chosen for the 2008 Media Kit of the "World Parabatic Stunt Team" from Houston, Texas.


Northwest German Newspaper / 31. December 2007



United States Parachute Association (Cover photo) and Swooper Online / June 2007


Scramble - Dutch Aviation Society / December 2006 / Page 119




Scramble - Dutch Aviation Society / March 2007 / Page 105


Scramble - Dutch Aviation Society / January 2006 / Page 68



About our Team - German Print & TV


Report about our female Video/Photographer Nicole in the "General Anzeiger".

An Report about Sascha and his Hobby. Published in the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung".

Text: Michael Hengehold

Our Team is part of an report about Plane and Trainspotters. This Reoprt was on TV at the NDR (North Germany) and at PHOENIX. An Political, Science and Trade Channel for whole Germany / Produced April 2007

Langenhagener ECHO 13.02.2008 - Report about our Webmaster Jens and the Aviation - Photography. Den Artikel als PDF-File in Deutsch.