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National Museum of Naval Aviation Pensacola, Florida USA

11. November 2007




The first F-14A that ever placed on public Display. This is the fifth of twelve prototypes manufactured by Grumman. (157984)


GB Traveller: 342 exymples of the GB-2 were deliverd to the NAVY since 1937. On Display 23688

RR-6 Tri-Motor: The NAVY procured a total of nine Tri-Motros between 1927 - 1931. Used for Passangers, Cargo and also tested as an torpedo-bomber.

The Tri-Motor was in 1929 the first Plan that flew over the South Pole.


BFC-2 Goshawk: This is one (9332) of just two BFC-2 on display worldwide. The other standing in Poland.

This BFC-2 belongs to the "HIGH HAT" Squadron . The "Hat" was also used by the VF-14 "Tophatters" on F-14.

F4B-4: This is an Army P-12F with NAVY design. Painted with the markings of Fighting Squadron 6B "Felix the Cat".

The 6B operated from USS Saratoga with F4B-4 between 1932 - 36.


JRF Goose: Bulit in 1936 fro commercial Airlines. A total of 218 JRF´s were delivered to the NAVY and Coast Guard.


P-40 Tomahawk: Curtiss-Wright produced a total of 13.738 P-40. This P-40 came from the British RAF, came during WWII to the UDSSR.

"Flying Tigers" - Markings from Naval Pilot Robert Neal


PBY Catalina: Cameras and Kitchen


F4U-4 Corsair


AD-7 Skyraider: Note what you can put under this Plan!


AF-2S Guardian: Flew as an aerial firefighter and exhibition aircraft.

AM-1 Mauler: Delivered in March 1949 to the NAVY. Operated from NAS Atlanta, Georgia and St. Louis.


F7F-3 Tigercat - 80373


After the Attack on Pearl Harbor the NAVY get the first 100 of there assault drones (TDN-1).

After that they get 165 drones TDR-1 like the one on the Photo (Reg: 33529).

From July - October 1944 the NAVY used them to reached target area at the Solomon Islands.


Korea-War Scene




NU-1B Otter: After her Mission in the Antactica she flying for the Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River Maryland.

Then she comes to the Naval Air Traning Command in Pensacola. Since 1973 in the Museum. Reg: 144672


HU-16 Albatross: Frist Flight of that typ was on the 1 October 1947. The Albatross served also 22 other nations.


FJ-2 Fury


MiG-15 Fagot

TV-2 Shooting Star: Two Seat training aircraft


F7U-3M Cutlass: All there prototypes crashed. An underpowered and trouble making aircraft.

Four NAVY fighter squadrons were equipped with F7U-3.


F2H-2P & F2H-4 Banshee:

The F2H-2P can carry six camers in her Nose. She is painted in the Colors of the Marine Photography Squadron Two.


FH-1 Phantom


S-3B Viking:

The famous Viking with callsign: "NAVY ONE"

This Viking landing on the Deck of USS Abraham Lincoln during "Iraqi Freedom" with George W. Bush.

On the 1 May 2003 aboard CVN-72 the President called out "Mission-Accomplished"!

Reg: 159387


A-4E Skyhawk: From the USS Oriskany VA-163 "Saints" 1967 Tailcode: AH


A-6E Intruder: Painted in the colors of VA-196. Served also in VA-128, 95 and 145. Since 1994 in the Museum.


A-4 "Blue Angels"


C-5B / 87-0033 c/n500-0119